What is Big Data?

Big Data

A baby enters the world. The baby has five senses, with which his/her brain gains information. A huge amount of random data enters his/her brain.

The baby tries to stand up, and falls, and repeats this process several times, after which he/she learns not just to stand up, but also to walk. The baby gathered the data, analysed the data, and finally, learnt from the data.

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Loop – The First Computer Science Quiz in RKMRC

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A notice was put up on the bulletin board of our department a few weeks back…

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The Experience of Making A Short Film


Let’s do something. How about movies?

~Sreyan Mullick Chowdhury.

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Ramakrishna Mission Residential College


It’s been 6 months since I took admission into Ramakrishna Mission Residential College (RKMRC), Narendrapur. My life in RKMRC is beautiful! This post will be about RKMRC.

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