What is Big Data?

Big Data

A baby enters the world. The baby has five senses, with which his/her brain gains information. A huge amount of random data enters his/her brain.

The baby tries to stand up, and falls, and repeats this process several times, after which he/she learns not just to stand up, but also to walk. The baby gathered the data, analysed the data, and finally, learnt from the data.

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Loop – The First Computer Science Quiz in RKMRC

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A notice was put up on the bulletin board of our department a few weeks back…

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Mac 1.0

Apple Macintosh OS  - 1984

It was created in 1984. I got it yesterday. It’s brilliant! The first ever GUI based OS! It’s pure genius! I got an emulator online users to run the first ever version of the Macintosh OS.

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Website making: Part 3

Continued from: ‘Website making: Part 2‘ and before that, ‘Website making: Part 1

The shock! Our school also had another team. They had brought a website a few days back which they had designed not by programming but by using MS FrontPage. Thus, it had lacked the modern features like CSS, and looked a bit like Avirup’s ‘Government Website’. But, that day, they were desperate for flash technology. On the day of the competition, on the 7th, they brought something that brought our eyes out. Continue reading

Website making: Part 2

Continued from: ‘Website making: Part 1

The home page was done. But, the whole thing was still left. It was a Saturday. I wanted to make a simple, user-friendly, and sophisticated-looking design for most of the other pages. I write in a blog 😛 You know that, of course, but that didn’t strike my mind then. I just surfed the web for more and more webpage designs. Then, came a blog called ‘The Flower Blog’. Actually, it was a tutorial for creating a blog like design. I opened it, and although the page was huge, I knew that this was the thing that would be the standard design for all my other pages. All I needed to do was implement this design and a huge part of my work would be done. Thus I decided to come back home from my maths tuition and start working on the design. I would learn new things as well…
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Website Making: Part 1

Hello! This is gonna be really exciting to describe. 3 weeks ago, our computer tutorial ma’am had asked two boys to get ready for making a website. Unfortunately, she didn’t ask me. I didn’t know much about HTML coding and other stuff then, but I still had the interest of doing it. And, that naturally saddened me a bit. I tried to forget it as much as possible, but it stayed on my mind. Finally, one day when I was entering the computer laboratory in my school, the same ma’am (who also teaches in our school), and our two other teachers were discussing something. Continue reading

Computers and stuff

Ah! I am again blogging after a really long time! I have been quite about 3 weeks or so. Well, that’s because my half-yearly examinations were going on, and I didn’t want to blog then, as blogging usually fills my head with loads and loads of new ideas to write about. Anyway, that’s the past. The exams were okay. Chemistry was horrible. Others went okay, not really good, or good… 😛

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