The Eco Park at Dhanaulti


This was the second majestic experience of the Uttarakhand trip – rising to the heights of Eco Park in Dhanaulti.

[and this post is delayed, very delayed]

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The Experience of Making A Short Film


Let’s do something. How about movies?

~Sreyan Mullick Chowdhury.

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My first stage experience!

It was the 8th of April. As I woke up, only one thing was in my mind…my musical tribute.
I had created a presentation for my father(lasting for 15 minutes). It showed the different stages of my father’s life…I named it ‘From Innocence to Experience’, or it would be better to say-my mother named it. It contained various pictures of my father’s life from his very birth to his age of 50 years. I and my mother had secretly made it in my room in 1 month. Even the main theme of the ‘anushthan’ (event) was unknown to everyone, including my father. About 80 people had bee invited to come to this ‘Musical Evening’. Earlier we used to have such musical evenings very frequently(every month, perhaps). But this was taking place after 3-4 years. So it was something that most of our invited guests were looking forward to. All of them were my father’s friends, and all of them were connected to art, either by music, or poetry, drama, what not?
I would be playing 8 musical pieces in my electronic keyboard, as the presentation continued to play. This music would be an accompaniment for the presentation.

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