Summer Stories: Final Chapter

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The Road To Ilambazar

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Ilambazar is a town located in Birbhum. One of the most notable features of Ilambazar is the fact that it is located on the banks of the Ajay river, and for my family and me, it is very easy to reach the place, since it is only a few kilometres away from  the Aamar Bari campus, our home in Shantiniketan.  Continue reading

Knowing 2014 and Shantiniketan

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2014 ends in three days. It was truly an eventful year.

This year literally tested me. I may have spent 20 days (or more) taking various examinations. Class 12 selection test, board examinations, three engineering entrance examinations, college admission tests, college semester examinations.

I took admission into Ramakrishna Mission Residential College.

My aunt and my brother came after two years, as did my grandfather’s brother (whom I call Kakadadu), after four years.

We went to Uttarakhand. We experienced extraordinary places there.

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Swimming Alone…

It was the last day of our 4 day trip to Shantiniketan. The day was gloomy from the time the very first rays of the sun hit our house. First of all, the night before had not gone as expected. I was not able to spend much time with my sister or my parents. It was mostly boring, apart from the period between 9:30 pm to 10:00 pm, when I strolled around in the compound of Aamar Bari, listening to music, and occasionally talking to my friends. Thus, the next day, I was  thinking of how to spend the remaining 3 hours. Continue reading

Shantiniketan coloured!


It was three o’ clock in the afternoon. We started off during the hot daytime. We picked up my mother, and then my father drove on continuously for three hours, and arrived at Shantiniketan! After seven months, I truly had a fresh feeling to be there. Continue reading

Common yet my own 2012

The year that left us…a common topic.
This was the most common topic in Facebook. Everyone posted their own collection of memories in Facebook through status updates, pictures, notes, etc. That’s why blogging is kind of useful to me. One thing I know for certain. My list might go too long, and no one will care to read through the entire post. That’s why blogging is much better. I can freely list myself here. Anyway, let’s move on… Continue reading

Memories of nature-from Shantiniketan

OK! This is the first time I am posting photographs to my blog. I hope you enjoy them! They can be considered a gift from Shantiniketan…

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