A Reunion

“Lost faces, reduced to mere contact names, suddenly sprang into life.”

(a chat from Satyaki, later that day, while we were conversing on WhatsApp)

Almost 40 students of the 2014 batch of Salt Lake School met under one roof on the 19th of October. Almost two years have passed since we were in school. It was wonderful meeting everyone again. I had missed last year’s reunion since a few of us had made plans to meet and go pandal-hopping on Shashthi. This year I made sure I would be a part. Continue reading


The Great Indian Bloggers Meet


14th January

A friend asks me to go to Park Street for the ‘Bloggers’ meet’ on Friday.

When? And where?

2:30 [PM]

Park Street

Oxford Book Store

I made it certain that I would attend the meet.

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Black And White

 Facebook’s latest trend: The black and white photography challenge


A person ‘facing’ the challenge has to upload five black and white photographs (taken by him/her) in a duration of five days. With each photograph, he has to tag another person, who will in turn post five (b/w) photographs. Three friends of mine tagged me in their photographs and asked me take the challenge. This was a few weeks back, and frankly, I don’t have too many black and white photographs.
However, I was determined to take part. Continue reading

A Journey Into The Jungle


I’ll be listing the three extraordinary memories of our trip to Uttarakhand.

The first one was a jungle safari…
However, let me first give you a gist of the places we visited before the jungle safari. Continue reading

While sitting on a rock…

        Our Kedarnath trip started on the 20th of October, at 4:50 pm. As was planned, we boarded the plane at 5:00 pm, arrived at Delhi at 8:30 pm, and had a wonderful dinner which had been prepared by my mother 🙂 The next day we went off to Haridwar via train, stayed there for one whole day (which was mostly boring, because we just went to see old temples and all religious stuff). I found it very boring because of the fact that we had actually come to tour mountains and go to a place – Kedarnath – at 11,500 ft. – so as to reach the ultimate destination of God, and not to worship mere idols of God!
Anyway, the next day we started off for the next destination – Chandrapuri! Continue reading