Rajdhani route

Delhi has been an intermediate point for a really long time. After 2002 (when I was seven years old), we have never stayed in Delhi for more than a few hours. Before planning this trip, my parents had some things in mind.

Duda always wanted to travel in the Rajdhani express (and it hadn’t happened for one reason or the other). Gunja’s interest in the Mughal architecture had piqued after studying about the era (as a part of the history course).

Hence, Delhi and Agra were chosen.

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Common yet my own 2012

The year that left us…a common topic.
This was the most common topic in Facebook. Everyone posted their own collection of memories in Facebook through status updates, pictures, notes, etc. That’s why blogging is kind of useful to me. One thing I know for certain. My list might go too long, and no one will care to read through the entire post. That’s why blogging is much better. I can freely list myself here. Anyway, let’s move on… Continue reading