Summer Stories: Final Chapter

Summer Stories  Last Chapter Blog Post

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Summer Stories: At Home

At home, it was the usual routine.

The heat and the humidity induced inactivity and made me plod through the daily chores. The rooftop was a vent, if the temperature was bearable.

There was a week of high temperature and humidity, and finally, on the 11th of June, God gifted Kolkata with this sky, a storm, and torrential rainfall!

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Summer Stories: At hostel

Jump into the pool!
Sadly, I’m not in this photo | Arpan Roy took this photograph

The summer of 2015 was very hot!

According to Google Now, the temperature went above 40 degrees on one particular day! During the study leave from the 1st of May, till the 14th, I stayed in my hostel, more or less. Walking from one place to another, inside or outside the campus would always be effective in soaking myself in sweat.

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What to do when your Android smartphone can’t connect to Google services?


This post is for all those people who might be facing the same problem.

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Loop – The First Computer Science Quiz in RKMRC

Header image

A notice was put up on the bulletin board of our department a few weeks back…

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The Road To Ilambazar

Ilambazar_blog (6 of 11)

Ilambazar is a town located in Birbhum. One of the most notable features of Ilambazar is the fact that it is located on the banks of the Ajay river, and for my family and me, it is very easy to reach the place, since it is only a few kilometres away from  the Aamar Bari campus, our home in Shantiniketan.  Continue reading

The Eco Park at Dhanaulti


This was the second majestic experience of the Uttarakhand trip – rising to the heights of Eco Park in Dhanaulti.

[and this post is delayed, very delayed]

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The Experience of Making A Short Film


Let’s do something. How about movies?

~Sreyan Mullick Chowdhury.

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Kolkata with Wireless Fidelity


The social media (that I’m connected to) started reverberating with a single fact a few days back.

Kolkata will soon become WiFi enabled

This was big news. Some considered it to be a rumour, since for most, it was too good to be true. The need for internet has been escalating in the last few years. Kolkata needed WiFi. And it was served what it needed.

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The Great Indian Bloggers Meet


14th January

A friend asks me to go to Park Street for the ‘Bloggers’ meet’ on Friday.

When? And where?

2:30 [PM]

Park Street

Oxford Book Store

I made it certain that I would attend the meet.

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