Summer Stories: At hostel

Jump into the pool!
Sadly, I’m not in this photo | Arpan Roy took this photograph

The summer of 2015 was very hot!

According to Google Now, the temperature went above 40 degrees on one particular day! During the study leave from the 1st of May, till the 14th, I stayed in my hostel, more or less. Walking from one place to another, inside or outside the campus would always be effective in soaking myself in sweat.

I and a few friends from my department would go for a swim (that would last for more than an hour) every day.

The guy in the middle of the first photograph taught me how to dive properly within these 14 days.

Swim race
Race! πŸ˜€

Our examinations started from the 15th, but we didn’t pause the swimming.

During the entire span of 25 days, it rained a few times. Those were merry times! All of us who occupied the ground floor of our hostel building would run into the corridor, laugh, sing and dance like crazy people!

One of the pathways in front of our hostel building, during the rains

On the 30th of April, one of our friends had his birthday. We all bought a birthday cake and gave him a surprise πŸ™‚ We arranged the whole thing (for the first time).

The candle arrangement
The candle arrangement

We would go outside and have food occasionally, and in the search of food, discover newer places near and far from our campus.

These were enjoyable days, and terrifying ones, since the exams were scheduled with single day intervals.

When the month of March was coming to an end, the second and first year students of the undergraduate (UG) course, and the first year students of the post graduate (PG) course arranged a farewell ceremony (inside the hostel building) for the third year UG students, and the second year PG students.

My roommate had contacted one of the PG seniors and informed them that I played the keyboard. I wasn’t thrilled initially, but during the three hour rehearsal (before all of the hostel boarders of our building, Ramakrishnananda Bhaban, gathered in one hall), I got acquainted with two PG seniors. We obtained a musical keyboard from a hostel superintendent.

This was probably one of the best things that happened. I got the chance to play with them!

Playing music
The opportunity!

Both these seniors hadΒ an amazing collection of music, and sent a few albums to my phone (which are still a part of my playlist).

That night was fun. The seniors (who would graduate) told us about their various experiences. All of us snacked at 1 AM, following which there were more stories πŸ˜€

Everyone seated

The normal routine during my stay at hostel, when college wasn’t ongoing, constituted of sleep, baths (showers and swims), food (among which, as a handful of my friends know, cakes and buns were an important part), studying, listening to music, and wandering off after sundown.

These wanders were very refreshing! They don’t deserve to be written, but collectively, they made the entire exam season wonderful!

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