The Road To Ilambazar

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Ilambazar is a town located in Birbhum. One of the most notable features of Ilambazar is the fact that it is located on the banks of the Ajay river, and for my family and me, it is very easy to reach the place, since it is only a few kilometres away from  the Aamar Bari campus, our home in Shantiniketan. 

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Panoramic views of the entire campus, from our rooftop
Panoramic views of the entire campus, from our rooftop

22nd of March, 2015

Last time, a neighbour (from Salt Lake City, our home town, and in Shantiniketan as well) had mentioned a certain location very close to Ilambazar. You move along the road, through the forest (before Ilambazar), and take the second entry to the left (that contains a well defined road), and then go fairly deep into a village. At some point, you’ll find the banks of the Ajay river.

We did what we knew. The road was lovely! Even though the rains are far away, brand new shades of green have started appearing on the trees.

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We found the entrance to the left. We asked for directions. However, let me break this fact to you: we never found the river.

My father drove for ten or fifteen minutes within the village. The roads gradually narrowed, however, the green fields (and sometimes the brown ones) came closer with the distance.

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The fields were lush green! The fresh, cool air is something we, the city dwellers always desire! 

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‘Carpet grass’

We found the road that leads to the river, but it was extremely narrow for a car, and it was just soil. We decided to turn back. My father however was determined to visit the place.

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Next time, when we visit Shantiniketan, you and I can go to the banks, on the scooter.

After all, Shantiniketan’s লাল মাটির রাস্তা doesn’t stop scooters so easily 🙂

We stopped once, on the way back, to photograph the road.

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When the sun teams up with the road to make it golden

Everyone was glad to step out of the car for a moment.

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Following this halt, we moved non-stop, back to Kolkata, leaving behind the road through the forests.

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Reflecting on the road…
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The Constant Companion

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