Early Morning Photo-walks with Friends

Central Park with Arnab-8

Salt Lake City is beautiful. It has all the aspects of a city, but it’s greener than an average city in India and has beautiful parks located within each block. There is a central location in Salt Lake City – the Kournamayee Housing Complex. Near Kournamayee is located a Central park – Banabitan. It is the property of the Forest Department of India, and is home to a variety of birds, butterflies, trees, and an ideal location for morning walkers. Several people fish. Small groups of people exercise.

        A few weeks back, I went to Banabitan with a brother of mine (my father’s friend’s son), and a few days back, I went there with a school friend, for taking photographs.

He is four years younger than me, and we share various interests.
My brother’s name is Srijan. He is one of the jolliest persons I know. Four years younger than me, we share various interests, and talk for hours when we meet.
Central Park with Arnab-18
My friend – Arnab – he’s my first school friend. He is one of my few friends with whom I share a lot. We think alike. It was wonderful meeting him after almost two months!

        Both have keen interests in photography.

In this blog post, I’ll show you what we saw…

First, let me give you a rough idea about Banabitan

There is a central water body throughout the whole park.  And on each side, numerous trees cover the compound. Under the trees present on the banks of the water body are pathways.

A pathway under a series of trees on one bank
Sitting by the 'river'
Sitting by the ‘river’
Across the central water-body
Across the central water-body
Central Park with Arnab-21
Greenery literally fills the area
Central Park with Arnab-15
Even inside the park, away from the water body, are pathways, and beautiful ones 🙂
Central Park with Arnab-16
Early in the morning, the sun is mild and it peeps through the tiny canopies

Banabitan is filled with various organisms!
This swift little person is seen by everyone in Central Park:

The Five Striped Palm Squirrel
The Five Striped Palm Squirrel

Central Park with Arnab-23

Banabitan is home to various types of birds. It took us two days to capture only a small variety.

Cattle Egret - a graceful bird
A Cattle Egret
Common Myna - one of the most common sights in the city
Common Myna – One of the most common sights in the city
Central Park with Arnab-10
And the Myna’s bathing
Black Drongo
Black Drongo

Central Park with Arnab-12

Coppersmith Barbet - was perched up on a high tree
Coppersmith Barbet – Was perched up on a high tree
Common Hoopoe
Devouring a red flower
Devouring a red flower
Small Blue Kingfisher

Central Park with Arnab-11

Central Park with Arnab-9

Central Park with Arnab-5 Central Park with Arnab-6

And there are the tiny beings that make the place even more beautiful…

Common Mormon
Common Mormon

Central Park with Arnab-14

Plain Tiger
Plain Tiger
Green Marsh Hawk
Green Marsh Hawk

Central Park with Arnab-4


Finally, my favourite animal…

Central Park with Arnab-17
Motherly love
Central Park with Arnab-20
He roamed around me for quite some time
Central Park with Arnab-19
Inspecting the unknown person in front of him

These were two mornings well spent. The temperature was mild, and it was pleasant to walk around, talk and take photos.

Central Park with Arnab-24
Arnab took this

Central Park with Arnab-1

My friend, Agnij, provided the names of most of the birds and butterflies that are here. Check out his blog here: Agnij Sur Photography And his photography page on Facebook: Captured World With My Lens

2 thoughts on “Early Morning Photo-walks with Friends

  1. Good… But I think it’s not up to the mark. Include your experience, not just photographs. Draw a picture with words first.
    And FYI, your woodpecker is a Common Hoopoe (Hudhud in Israel, Mohonchura in Bengali, Upupa epops)
    And the kingfisher is Common Kingfisher or Small Blue Kingfisher.

    Liked by 1 person

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