Black And White

 Facebook’s latest trend: The black and white photography challenge


A person ‘facing’ the challenge has to upload five black and white photographs (taken by him/her) in a duration of five days. With each photograph, he has to tag another person, who will in turn post five (b/w) photographs. Three friends of mine tagged me in their photographs and asked me take the challenge. This was a few weeks back, and frankly, I don’t have too many black and white photographs.
However, I was determined to take part. That’s why, last week, I browsed through old photographs of different vacations, outings, excursions, and others, and gathered some pictures. This post will be about those photographs.



IMG_0013 (2)



Focussing in Lansdowne

Khirsu mornings

Class 11 Excursion



Tiny Being

A Larger Being

A personal favourite. This is a recent photo of my two grandfathers - my paternal grandfather (right) and his brother


HDRing the sky

Rooftop view

Smooth skies


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