When we went to Landour…

When the stars meet the citylights!

The third experience during our trip to Uttarakhand, and the last one, was our stay in a place very near to Mussoorie.

Landour is a small, charming, cantonment town located 7500 feet above sea level. Dhanaulti, our previous stop, had been a short, but very memorable experience.

Landour’s temperatures are quite low during night, and pleasant during the day. The location is what makes it special. And that is what made the last location of our 2014 Uttarakhand trip magical! 

Stopping at Kempty Falls

We had passed through Mussoorie before arriving at Landour, and we had stopped at the reputed Kempty Falls. Apart from the sight of people bathing (which actually made it look like a commercial ‘water park’), the waterfalls was beautiful!

During our halt at Kempty Falls, we stood near the railings, felt the cool splashes of the waterfalls, had cold drinks, and talked throughout the small descent (the rope-way was not working).

Kempty Falls – Mussoorie

A small description of the place we were living in.

Landour mostly contains private properties, and very few hotels. We had booked a guest home: Prospect Point. Bill Kinzie’s blog post about Prospect Point will give you vivid detailing: Prospect Point

Here are some pictures of the property:

The first view of the Bungalow
The first view of the Bungalow
Definitely the living room
The living room
The dining area
The dining area
One of the three bedrooms
One of the three bedrooms
Back view
Back view

This was the most luxurious place where we had ever stayed in! The scenery surrounding us, coupled with the luxurious Prospect Point made Landour very engaging!

Here’s one of the spectacular aspects about living in Prospect point (even for two days):

Turn your head in any direction, you’ll get amazed!

In each of the four directions, a different type of view was present. Greenery, snow peaks, the garden of Prospect Point, and the city of Dehradun and Mussoorie.

The scenic beauty had been a cumulative element throughout the trip. Everything we had seen was present here.

There was a maple tree just outside the bungalow. My mother fell in love with the tree from the moment we entered through the gate…

Entry point
Entry point
The maple tree – it was something that had come out of a poem or story. When its leaves rustled, it was like music. The sound still rings in our ears

Mr. Bhandari, the person who took care of the whole property, showed us around.

As the sun slowly dimmed, something else slowly appeared on the horizon. As it turned orange, we saw something spectacular…



About the winterline.

Everyone was ecstatic! My father had a satisfied smile on his face, and recorded a few seconds of the moment on his handycam.

My mother quoted The Sound of Music as she watched this…

So somewhere in my youth or childhood. I must have done, something good.

Gradually, the cities of Dehradun and Mussoorie started lighting up.


The rapid change in the landscape view was amazing! Finally, when the winterline disappeared, we saw the stars meeting the citylights of Dehradun and Mussoorie!

When the stars meet the citylights!
When the stars meet the citylights!

We were rooted to our spots on the cool ground for a long time, spellbound. The moon had conquered another portion of the sky.


It was a memorable night.

The moments had truly been timeless!

This thought recurred in my mind…

The 10th of October – the following day

The following day we had breakfast at Chaar Dukan – a cluster of four shops that sell various items, ranging from amazing food to small daily household items.


Scrumptious bun with omelette and pancakes with cinnamon sauce!
Scrumptious bun with omelette and pancakes with cinnamon sauce!

The four of us walked through the town. The soft sun that escaped through the trees equalized the low temperatures. _MG_2919

My father wanted to be a 'local' person :D
My father wanted to be a ‘local’ person 😀
Gunja had a nice time sitting on the stairs to Prospect Point 🙂

Later in the afternoon, I took a stroll by myself, after having a fantastic lunch, prepared by Mr. Bhandari. I went by the huge private properties that were dispersed around Landour. I spotted numerous flowers. _MG_2997 _MG_2856

flowers (1 of 1)

From some places, the peaks became visible.

Layers of mountains
Layers of mountains
A small portion of the 300+ mountain peaks that can be viewed from a specific location - Khirsu
A small portion of the 300+ mountain peaks that can be viewed from a specific location – Khirsu

There was something worth noting. We see the signs ‘beware of dogs’ put up on the gates of various houses in the city. I saw

Leopards on patrol. Beware

I believe this is one the best examples which displays the class of people that live in this town.

The time following sunset was exciting. Not only because of the sparkling city that became visible once more, but largely because of this:

Mr. Bhandari and his crew in action!



We had to leave the following day. A direct descent into Delhi. While we were in the mountains, I took a video on my phone to remember the winding roads with fresh, cool air. The stark difference was very depressing. Uttarakhand was memorable.

About the winterline

To see a ‘winterline’, one needs a very wide view of the sky, without any obstructions. On the right side, the orange sun was visible and a ‘horizontal rainbow’ stretched from the sun, along the horizon, towards the left. Mr. Bhandari told us that a winterline can be seen only from Landour, and from Switzerland.


23 thoughts on “When we went to Landour…

  1. Nabhoneel Majumdar ..I always enjoy posts about Prospect Point (Walk in the Clouds). So happy that it has been rejuvenated/rebuilt so it can continue providing an exquisite life experience for those privileged to sojourn there. You mentioned a maple tree in the yard. It was a mere sapling when we were there and now it is a large mature tree. It was a pleasure to re-read your additions to your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading the post once again! It’s very interesting to hear from a person who went there so many years back!

      It is a paradise 🙂 Getting the opportunity to live there for a couple of days was a huge privilege. My parents love travelling! We all had a great experience!


    1. Enjoyed re reading your comments about Prospect Point and Landour. It’s been nearly 70 years since I stayed at Prospect Point and attended Woodstock. A cherished memory. Bill Kinzie

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Hello Mr. Kinzie! It’s always wonderful to see your comments! 🙂

        Thank you for stopping by!

        Only yesterday, I obtained a book by Ruskin Bond: ‘Landour Days’. I could not resist myself from buying it. Landour was magic. 🙂


    2. Finally! Someone who appreciated the winterline! 😀

      No one got the idea of the winterline from the pictures 😛

      We had to cancel our trip to Kashmir because of the floods, but Uttarakhand DID NOT disappoint. The beauty simply escalated with each destination 🙂

      And Landour, was Heaven (no exaggeration).


        1. We never knew that Uttarakhand was so beautiful!

          We went there in 2012, primarily to visit Kedarnath, Chandrapuri, and a few other places, and during that trip, we felt the might of the Himalayas.

          But the trip of 2014 was magical, simply magical 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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