Creating Ebooks

When I had attempted to gain root access to my Sony Reader, I had damaged it (when I tried to modify a code via adb, after rooting). My friend Tanmoy fixed it for me. I wanted a customized calendar app, however, as you understand, that was no longer possible. However, in the process of creating an interactive ebook, I learnt a lot. I am now capable of creating ebooks in the EPUB format!

I primarily use Sigil, however, for a more professional creation, Adobe InDesign becomes very useful. Along with that, I utilize Adobe Photoshop to create graphics.

Quite recently, I created ebooks for two of my friends – Anish and Avirup – for converting their writings into a publishable format.

Adobe InDesign is a bit complicated and requires:

  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • 128 MB of VRAM
  • An (fast) internet connection
  • 1.6 GB of hard-disk space for installation, and more for other features

Sigil, however, is a much simpler, straight-forward software, and can be used to design standard EPUB format ebooks with CSS coding as well. I think, in the future, if I do make more ebooks, it will be in Sigil, especially because it puts less load on the computer hardware πŸ™‚

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