Computers and stuff

Ah! I am again blogging after a really long time! I have been quite about 3 weeks or so. Well, that’s because my half-yearly examinations were going on, and I didn’t want to blog then, as blogging usually fills my head with loads and loads of new ideas to write about. Anyway, that’s the past. The exams were okay. Chemistry was horrible. Others went okay, not really good, or good… 😛

Now about my present situation. First of all, I have progressed a bit with my new password storage app in Java. Here’s a screenshot:

Password Facility Under Construction
It’s not much yet. Only the design is more or less ready.
I have also recorded the 50th anniversary music collection on the synthesizer. It just needs to be converted to a digital format, so that I can include it in my presentation. I will go to my father’s friend’s studio and it will easily be done there. I tried doing a lot of times at home. I didn’t get the right software, and the professional software that I found is about 3.6 GB. So there’s no question of getting that 😦
My brother in America got a new iMac. But, honestly I feel sorry for him. He took quite a number of games to play at home, but ended up getting a Mac. Now, most of our games are created solely for Windows, or a separate version is created for the Mac OS, which I don’t have. Now he can’t get the advantage of having 2 GB of graphics card! I wish he got an Alienware from Dell. Now, that would be useful to him.
I have finished playing Call of Duty Black Ops. And, now I found out from a special website that checks the compatibility of a computer for playing a certain game, that my laptop is does not support any of the games that I have played till now!!! Black Ops requires 256 MB of dedicated graphics…I have only 64 MB (1696 MB total)! But, the game ran fine on my laptop! It’s really quite strange.
I was also reading Steve Jobs’ biography lately. That’s one of the best books I have read! It basically shows the reader how the whole GUI concept came up! How bit-mapping system helped to create special fonts, and circles, and rounded rectangles, and many more!!! And, how the PC came up! It’s really thrilling to read the evolution of computers.
That’s all for now. In my next blog, I have planned to tell you about my experience in Mandarmoni. A really special experience (after staying so close to the sea)…

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