This is a type of the common ‘HelloWorld’ program we do in almost all languages (in computer), when we are first introduced to them. This is my first exposure to the world. Although I maintained a blog in, I didn’t really keep posting to it for long…for 3 or 4 days at maximum. I plan to keep my life stories continuously in this blog.

Right, let’s start away…first let me introduce you to me. I am a student…studying in 11th standard. I live in Salt Lake, West Bengal, India. I am pursuing my studies in science(pure+computer and English). This is my introduction to what I study. Now about my hobbies, passions, and my ‘likings’. 

First of all, what you must know that I am a computer freak. I like gaming, programming(especially), and surfing the net for various things(social networking, etc.).

Next, you must know that I am not a pure computer freak… 😛 I like music very much(contemporary classical, to be exact). I used to sing, but now I play the piano. I love to listen to various musical compositions by Yanni on my e-book reader. I don’t play with a group or something. I don’t even do stage performances, although I have played once(I’ll go to that later). That’s it (about music).

I also like to make handicrafts. I used to paint earlier(I continued it till class 8 and plan to resume it after I pass my high school). But now I still do my handicrafts. 😀

That’s more or less all about myself. Lastly, what I want to tell you is that I love to go to seasides and mountain regions, and I love adventures and trekking trips! Right now, I’ll go to have my dinner, later on I’ll see what I can tell you people! Bye!


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